Home Improvements

Top 6 Energy Saving Home Improvements

 50% of Canadian households have made atleast one home improvement intended to reduce energy consumption. If you are looking for ways to reduce your monthly costs, investing in upgrades that make your home more efficient should do the trick.

  • Windows/Doors:  Replacing single-pane windows with insulated double or triple glazed models that have high-performance glass will reduce  7-12% of heating and cooling costs. Other ways to reduce are  Installing interior storm windows to reduce heat loss; plastic sheeting sealed tightly to a frame is the most affordable option.
  • Water Heating: Replacing older units with Energy Star models saves an average of $76 per year. Another alternative is to add an insulation blanket to most standard water heaters which is easy and effective way to reduce your energy bills.
  • Heating/Cooling (HVAC): Replacing and/or cleaning air filters regularly could lower your bills by 5% or more.
  • Insulation: Adding insulation to the attic is fairly easy and inexpensive; eliminating drafts can be as simple as sealing holes or cracks with caulk or applying weather stripping around exterior doors.
  • Appliances: You can save an average of $34 a year in energy costs for each new Energy star model you purchase.
  • Lighting: Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) last longer than standard lights and each one will save you $30 over its lifetime-LED products last longer and use even less energy.

Kitchen Remodel:

  • A minor kitchen remodel has a cost value ratio of 75.4%; which costs on an average of $5000 to $15000
  • A major kitchen remodel has a cost value ratio of 68.9%; which costs on an average of $35000 to $75000
  • A midsized renovation costs on an average of $15000 to $35000

Whats Trending in Kitchen Renovations?

  • Open floor plans: 77% of ktichen renovations involve opening the space to other rooms.
  • Stainless steel appliances: 65% of people plan to incorporate stainless steel appliances into their kitchen.
  • Granite and quartz countertops: 50% choose granite & 36% choose quartz.
  • Hardwood floorsL 35% choose hardwood floors, followed closely by 32% who choose tile.
  • Neutral colors: 75% choose a decor that is soft and neutral.
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